SpamCop Outlook Add-In


The SpamCop Outlook Add-In is a COM Add-In for Mircrosoft Outlook. The add-in provides very simple integration to the web reporting system. Selected emails (full header and body) are copied the clipboard to allow simple pasting to the web reporting form. Furture versions will support web based automation and support for email reporting.

The current version of the add-in will only work with Outlook 2003, although anyone with Visual Studio.NET 2003 and the Outlook PIA installed will be able to get a version working with Outlook XP.


The current version 0.1.2 is available in source or binary (as a MSI installer) from the project releases page.


To install the add-in the following steps must be performed:
  1. Download and install the MSI from
  2. Open Outlook 2003.
  3. Go to Tools->Options->Other (tab)
  4. Click advanced options.
  5. Click 'COM Add-ins...'.
  6. Check 'SpamCop Addin'.
  7. Click OK to dismiss all dialogs.
There will now be a SpamCop button in the standard toolbar. Clicking this button with a mail item selected in the explorer will paste the full header and body of the selected item in the clipboard.

Change Log

2004-06-30 0.1.2 Nic Strong <>

2004-06-29 0.1.1 Nic Strong <>

2004-06-28 0.1 Nic Strong <>

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